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Your Gateway to Web 3.0 Transformation

A public-permissioned blockchain, bridges the gap between the traditional (Web 2.0) and the burgeoning world of Web 3.0.

What is MasChain ?

MasChain is a Layer 1 blockchain protocol which integrates POA (Proof-of-Authority) consensus mechanism enabling us to achieve tighter security and control of our node’s integration.

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Excellence In Scalability
Low Transaction Fees
Transaction Per Seconds (TPS)

Build on MasChain for cost-effective and scalable solutions. Build and benefit on a secured public chain guaranteed by our experts.

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Transaction Speed (TPS)
Block Time (Seconds)
User Onboard
Designed For Precision To Elevate Your Application

Customise your application on MasChain that suits your ideas. Control any aspect of your business environments, permissions, and smart contracts.

  • Maximize flexibility to define your applications.
  • Build with your language of choice.
  • Build with full customization.
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Build On MasChain

We offer a comprehensive set of features designed to get you onboard into MasChain.

Cost Effective with an Excellence Scale

Manage multiple services with a single platform, and come up with an insightful report just from your dashboard.

Customised Specification

Customised specs that was designed suits you best for your application.

Secure and Reliable

Trust MasChain to safeguard your data and transactions.

Automation with Trust

Efficiently oversee user management within your organisation, maintain privacy controls, and foster a smooth workflow with automation at ease.

Token Management
Manage your token easily in our mainnet (MasChain). Simplifies your token management.
Audit Trail Service
Maintaining audit trail, recording activities to ensure accuracy.
Wallet Management
Save time and effort when managing products. An intuitive portal for users to view, track and analyses statistics.
Blockchain as a Service
Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) simplifies blockchain adoption by offering pre-configured networks and services.
Proof of Authority (POA)
A streamlined and scalable consensus protocol ensures security.
Distributed Ledger Technology
Ensures transparency, security, and resilience, for peer-to-peer transactions without single point of failure.
A secure platform you can trust to protect your privacy and data safety.
Join a community with someone who shares your mindset and offers unwavering support.

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The forthcoming application "MasWallet" will be released shortly. Stay informed with MasChain for updates.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

What is MasChain ?
MasChain is a Layer 1 blockchain designed by Masverse to bridge the gap between traditional Web 2.0 and the emerging Web 3.0 landscape. It combines the openness of public blockchains with controlled participation, making it ideal for enterprises and government authorities.
What can MasChain Provide ?
MasChain revolutionise trust, security, and efficiency across industries.
What sets MasChain apart ?
Public-permissioned nature : Transparent access to the ledger with controlled network functions for pre-approved entities.

Proof of Authority (POA) consensus mechanism: Efficient, scalable, and secure.

Interoperability: Bridges Web 2.0 companies to Web 3.0 activities via an accessible API layer.
What role does MasToken play?
MasToken, the native token, handles transaction gas fees within the ecosystem.
Who is MasChain for ?
Enterprises and government agencies transitioning to the Web 3.0 landscape.
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